Installing Office 365 for SNHU Students

If you have been upgraded to Office 365, you can install Office 2013 on your computer for free. For this, I used Windows 10 though instructions would be the same for Windows 7, 8, and 8.1.

Login to Outlook (OWA)

You can access Outlook easily through You can also access it from MySNHU. When you login and you see a screen similar to below, you're on Office 365 and can proceed.

Download the Installer

To download the Office 365 installer, go to the Gear menu and select “Office 365 Settings”

On the next page, click on “Install and Manage Software” FIXME

Then click on the “Install” button. This page will also show you where you have Office installed. You can install Office on up to 5 computers.


Run the installer and you'll have the latest version of Office 2013 for free! You can setup Outlook to use your student email address as well as any other email address you have.


Feel free to contact me and I'll provide free technical support. SNHU students only - use your SNHU email.

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